Ryan creates content that is both high quality and engaging. He is creative and knows his audience well. What I love the most about Ryan is that he truly cares about the community he is a part of and the rate that his social media channels are growing is proof of that.

Caleb Keener, CKaudio


Hey! My name is Ryan, but you probably know me as Gear Fever. If you're anything like me, you're obsessed with guitar and gear! I started this passion project for myself, but things have grown more quickly than I imagined; and now, I've found myself with opportunities I hadn't even dreamed of - and I'm loving every second of it! What started as a high school kid alone in his room with a guitar, and a love for all things with a great aesthetic, has turned into gear fever.

I specialize in content creation. If you're simply a fan of the Gear Fever brand or own a brand yourself, thanks for stopping by. Make sure to check out the Products and Services up top. And, be sure to drop me a line by filling out the CONTACT form and signing up for the NEWSLETTER down below. 



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